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Active Directory local Home directories

Using Active Directory Home directories for years with no issues.

On a client machine log in as the admin account.

System > Library > Core Services > Directory Utility

Under Active Directory expand Advanced Options and Uncheck “force local home directories”

UNC path from AD should be selected and most likely set to “smb”. Bind, logout and login as an AD user and it will mount the AD network home


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Redirect 301 in Apple Tiger server

Incoming request received – create 301 redirect from one domain to another. Probably for CEO purposes.

So, here we go.

Tiger server 10.4.11 is capable of doing redirects in GUI (Graphic user interface), BUT it looks like these are NOT permanent redirects a.k.a 301 redirects. So, the easiest way to get this done is by adding simple redirect through GUI in Settings tab:

AND then modify .conf file in /etc/httpd/sites/ for that particular site from “temp” to “permanent”:

<IfModule mod_alias.c>
 Redirect permanent "/index.php" ""


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